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Hihiii! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Song! Unfortunately, i want post this song one week ago. But i'm still cant make any decisions for my song. Until i found this song:3

Message of Regret
by Vocaloid- Kagamine Rin
Web :




流れて行く ガラスの小瓶



流れて行く 小さな願

流れて行く ガラスの小瓶
流れて行く 小さな願


Machi hazure no chiisana minato
Hitori tatazumu shoujo
Kono umi ni mukashi kara aru
Hisokana ii tsutae

"Negai wo kaita youhishi wo"
"Kobin ni irete"
"Umi ni nagaseba itsu no hika"
"Omoi wa minoru deshou"

Nagarete iku GARASU no kobin
Negai wo kometa MESSEEJI
Suiheisen no kanata ni
Shizuka ni kieteku

Kimi wa itsumo watashi no tame ni
Nandemo shite kureta no ni
Watashi wa itsumo wagamama bakari
Kimi wo komarase teta

Negai wo kanaete kureru kimi
Mou inai kara
Kono umi ni watashi no omoi
Todokete morau no

Nagarete iku chiisana negai
Namida to sukoshi no RIGURETTO
Tsumi ni kizuku no wa itsumo
Subete owatta ato

Nagarete iku GARASU no kobin
Negai wo kometa MESSEEJI
Suiheisen no kanata ni
Shizuka ni kieteku
Nagarete iku chiisana negai
Namida to sukoshi no RIGURETTO

"Moshimo umare kawareru naraba....."

On the edge of a small port in a small town
Is a girl who stands quietly
Looking out to the sea that holds her memories
A story that she cannot tell

"Let's write a wish on a paper and"
"Send it out to sea in a bottle"
"If it doesn't break, then surely there"
"Will be a wish granted"

Floating away Is a little glass bottle
That holds the wishes of two children
It fades into the horizon
Without a sound to be heard

You always did those things for me
Even though they were troublesome
I've realized that I've only been selfish
And hurt you for so long

You're the only one who would hear me
But you're no longer here
The sea will express my gratitude
It will express my only wish

Floating away Is a little glass wish
That holds the regrets of a girl
That finally saw how she sinned
However she couldn't repent

Floating away Is a little glass bottle
That holds the wishes of two children
It fades into the horizon
Without a sound to be heard
Floating away Is a little glass wish
That holds the regrets of a girl

"If only we could be reborn..."

Meaning :

A girl who regretted her actions. She regretted her actions are always selfish, angry, and not good to her friend. In fact, her best friend is always helpful, protect and keep his word without any complain. In fact, her best friend would die for her. Until finally, her best friend died for her glory. Because of her best friend died, she realized her bad action to her best friend. Then she regret that she had done to her best friend. One day, she heard legend a bottle in a village which said that "If you write the hope of the bottle and again into the river, then your wishes come true". So, that girl had it. She wrote "If only we could reborn..... lets play together". But, she realized that it will be worth it. Until now, she still scream to regret.

Message :

Don't do a bad thing in your best friend. You will regret you when your friend has died. You will feel lonely, lost, and distress. So, finally you'll regret your act because you can't pass through the happy moment with him/her. Regrets always come at the end. Let the beautiful moment write in your life with your best friend/s before you lost it.

Well- good song right?
I remember when it happen to me. I have grandmother when i was child. She's kind person, beautiful, good, and she always smile to me. She always cheer me up when i sad. And you know? When me sick, she'll buy anything for me. When i visited her home, she run to me, hugs me, and kiss me. I'm really really happy when i met her. And you know what? When my mother go to Japan, i'm alone in my another grandmother house. Nah, she always send me a packet. A candy packet. You know, every child will happy when he/she got candy. Nah i'm happy too. My grandmother- i love her. But when i was child, i dont realize that she is a good person. I dont realize that she always do anything for me.
And then, when i was 9 old, she was died. When i heard that news, i'm crying. But just casual cry. Ya- cry when your love person died. And i go to her home in cirebon that day that morning. Nah, i'm still sad in my car. Until i heard my aunt say "Mom love Ayu very much. She'll do everything for her. But not for another grandchild." When i hear that i'm surprise. I dont realized it if she's love me very much. That time, i try to remember what she did to me. When i remember that, i 'm crying again. Crying of regret. I remember that moment when i'm crying of regret. I'm really really sad. But sad with many regret. I regret my act that i cant give anything to her. Before she died i dont do anything for her. Even i never give anything to her. Not even one flower. I regret it seriously. Until now i still regret it. I want to back to the past to meet her. I want to hugs her, crying, and apologize because i didnt do anything to her. Or, its okay if i cant back to the past, but i want she to back alive. Then, i'll do the same act for apologize. But its impossible ofc. One thing that i can do is pray for her. I'll pray and wish i can meet her again in the heaven.

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Hi! Sorry, i cant post education fastly because when i want to post education, the data was lost. And i made it for a long time. So, i'm lazy for typing again._.

Okay, so do you know what education is?

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge , skills , values, beliefs , and habits.
Indonesian educators and commentators have slammed the country's school system for placing more emphasis on rote learning than creative thinking. A culture of teaching anchored in obedience as well as a rigid approach to religious studies and assigned reading have been described as major problems.
Many people hate education. They're lazy for study. For example, from 2013, many people who complain about curriculum 2013. They said curriculum 2013 is suck. It waste our time is school so we dont have any time with our family.
Wait, you know curriculum 2013 is?
Curriculum 2013 is a new curriculum that Indonesia use now. Study method in curriculum 2013 is 'study group'. So, we must have group for study. The teacher teach us, if we dont understand we must ask the teacher or our group.
Nah, many people who dont agree with that method. They like casual method that used in curriculum 2006.
Now, many teenager like me who complain about that curriculum in social media. Like in timeline (LINE) or tweeter maybe. They hope government can take back curriculum 2006. Because curriculum 2013, they more lazy to study than before.
But, with they didn't realize. That curriculum 2013 is important for them. If they lazy for study, it will destroy they future. Honestly, i hate curriculum 2013 too. But ya i must do it. I must follow the curriculum. I dont want my future destroy just because curriculum.
Just imagine it, we dont study anymore. How we can follow the lesson in school? We cant do anything when we have a test, and we get a bad score. If we get a bad score when we graduation, many school or even university who dont want us in there. If something like that happen, what should we do after that? Be an unemployment ? Its impossible! We must make a job to get the money for our family.
So, we must study now if we dont want our futer destroyed.

Thats all from me, i cant think again. Sorry for my bad English now. I cant focus in englis now.


Jumat, 22 Januari 2016

My Last Holiday

Hi all! how are you? :3
Long time no see! how about your holiday?

Seriously, I dont want this holiday again. But i love it. Think about holiday, I’m sure you all have a fun with your family or cousins. But not for me. Because half of my holiday took by my extracurricular.
So, few months ago, I took Jamadagni extracurricular. Nah, and  Jamadagni told to us to go with them at 26 December 2016 for Pendas. Pendas is a final selection in Jamadagni for become a young member. So, I should go with them. But seriously, I’m lazy. Too long. From 26 December until 4 January 2016! Too long! And it took my new year!
Nah, I don’t have any history on my holiday except my Pendas story. So, I’ll tell you about my experience when Pendas. But I’ll write it like a diary because I don’t know how to write it.

Day 1 (26 December 2015) :
Fist day was a Saturday. I must went to school before 10 AM. My senior told to me and my friends to join the opening ceremony. So, I went to school from my house at 9.15 AM(forgot the time) Nah, i brought my bag (carrier). And its so heavy! Believe me. I think it was 15 kg or- 16 kg. Yah, ofcourse its heavy. It for 8 days at the forest. But, when I arrived in school I just sit and waiting with my friends. And discussion about ‘what Pendas will be like’. We afraid if we cant finish it. How about if our energy not enough until finish? Our training will be useless. At 1 PM, we must checked our equipments. And thanks! Our senior dint count our time for checking.
Finally at 3 PM we did the opening ceremony. The opening held in SMAN3 and 5 field. When we arrived there, we can see our parents in our right. They were joining us for the opening ceremony. After opening ceremony, we can met our parents and hug them. We’ll left our home for a long day, we cant meet our family and we cant bring our phone.
After that, we have to pray. And, back to our school. After that, our senior told to us to check our healthy. I think, we must really really health for Pendas. After checking, we went to class, and we rest ourself there. When night came, we did our night regulary. There are eat, pray, and ofcourse the last sleep. When we slept, we must exchange our flannel shirt with white cloth, jacket, kupluk, gloves, and sleeping socks. Ang we didnt sleep with bed ofcouse. We slept with ponco.

Day 2 (27 December 2015) :
Second day, early in the morning, we heard sound of the horn 1x. When we heard that, we dont waste our time. With a reflec, we woke up. When we sit from our sleep, the senior tell to us to pray and pack our equipments. Thanks. they didnt count our time to do that. So, we're pray and then pack our sleep equipments.
 When we pack our sleep equipments, we heard sound of horn again 2x. That mean- we mus gather round with others. So, we were running to the sound and make a line. After that, the senior asked us "why you dont finish your work?". We cant answer that question. The senior made a sigh and gave us few seconds for finish it. With fast speed, we were running and pack as fast that we can. We should sort our equipments with good position. So, our carrier didnt make heavy sense. After that, we run again to our senior and make a line again. Our senior told to us to check our equipments again. Ahh check equipments. seriously, i'm too lazy for it. Why? because we must out all of our equipments and then sort it again with good position. And our senior count it usually. So, we must fast for packing. If welate, they'll punish us.
After that, they guided us to the soldiers truck. We'll go to our real place for Pendas. I heard we'll go to Raca upas for it. After few hours to there, we arrived. When we arrived, they told to us to full our drink, and oil our foot. Because we'll do a long trip with our foot ofcourse. And we did what them tell. After that, we walking. Real Pendas was began.
  Not just walked, we should sing a song of JAMADAGNI too. So, we sang. But seriously. I'm tired. The track was long- and- up - and we thirsty. But we have no choice. We must walk walk and walk. We must ignore our tired and thirsty. After few hours walking (i think) we took a rest under a tree. Ah- i'm so glad. We can drink too. Finally. But the rest was too short! It just a few minutes! Its not enough for me! But yah- okay. I'll continued my long journey.  And in the afternoon, we took a rest for eat and pray. And then walk AGAIN. Seriously!!!! i'm so tired!! i think my foot would break up! Plus we brought our heavy carrier! Oh my- this day, i think i'll give up. I can imagine if our day just full with walking like this. If i'm at home, i can take a rest as long as i want, i'll drink all what i want- ah stop to think something like that. It just tortured myself.
And finally. we arrived in our camp for sleep. It was beside the way for enter the forest. when we arrived, the senior told to us to build our 'bifak'. You know what bifak is? Bifak is- err it like a tent for camping. But we made it by ownself. Nah, Bifak have 2 materials. There are ponco or natural materials. Nah, now we make our bifak from ponco. And ofcourse we must made fire too for warm us. Senior gave us 1 hour to finish it. Seniors help us to finish it. Me, i made a fire. So, i search some branches or woods for it. And then i must took my survival box for fire. And i start to burn the branches and woods. Start with 4 big woods that made a square, put a candle in the middle of the square, put small brances, and up to big branches. Do that. But- haha, its hard.
Yah, and finally we finished our work (not at the time) after that, we  did our night regulary. Pray, eat- EAT! NAH, I HATE EAT WHEN PENDAS. The seniors gave us the ingredients. And it were many! we should cook them, eat them until no one left in our misting, we must change our sandals to shoes and we mus pacing all of our eat equipment  to our carrier, IN 1 HOUR! oh my- ofcourse we cant! eh no, we must can! we cant but we must can! Ya, we didnt make it at the time, so the senior give us a punishment. Ahaha, after eat punishment. Good.
After did that eat, we must sleep. Eh but, before slept we must change our shirt to sleep equipments and check healthy. And sleep.

Day 3 ( 27 December 2015) :
Third day,
early in the morning, we heard sound of the horn 1x. When we heard that, we dont waste our time. With a reflec, we woke up. Argh i dont know why but i hate this sound. But 3 second again, we heard that sound again 2x. The seniors shout to us for gather round. We search our sandals as fas as we can and run to the sound. Oh i still sleepy. And- it cold. The senior told to us to pack all of our things and gather round again in few minutes, full pack. Use shoes and use flannel Shirt. Few minutes. FEW MINUTES. Ah! i'm afraid if i cant finish it. But i must! Me and my friends  moved as fast as we can and pack our equipments. But before we finish it- we heard again. That horn. 2x. The senior shout us again to gather, and left our work. We were running to the sound and make a line. The senior ask us again. "why you all didnt finish it?" quiet. The senior gave us a punishment. And told to us again to finish our work. 1 minute. We were running again and pack our equipments. Ah- but 1 minutes was done. The senior shout the count of late. We werepanic! because the count of late was the count of our punishment! Ahh! Yap, finally we were late and get the punishment. And pray.
And after that tired morning, we must did the tired sport. And change our flannel shirt to white cloth. So, we exhanged again- do the morning sport- change the white cloth with flannel shirt again- and then EAT! Haha! like what i said before i hate eat! and the reason is same! Oh ya, now, if we did something wrong when morning regulary, we'll get the punishment (T T).
After morning regulary we checked our equipments. Nah, if we lost 1 of our equipments, we'll get the punishmet.
And, we did  that again. Long trip. Long walking. We must walk and sing. It so tired. I wonder, how long we walk? We dont have a clock.
After the tired walk, we arrived at the small house (saung). There, the senior told to us to di a navigation. We should search our position now. They gave us a map of Ciwidey area. And we must search 'where we are'. Specific area, in wich coordinate, area, and- ah i cant explain it. The first step was we must shoot our position's degree from North. For example, i shoot mountain to know my position's degree. So, we'll get our angle from north. After know that, we must search the mountain that we shoot in the map. And make a line with same angle from north that we got. And then, shoot another mountain and did the same step. Nah when we found place that 2 line met in map, thats our position.
Nah, the hardest work in navigation was, to found the mountain in map. Ofcourse there were many mountain in map right?? And we must search 1 from hundred mountain in the map? How could? So, me and my friends did an area orientation. I think i'll know the area in map from area orientation. If i walk little far from my position, i can see wide tea garden. And i can see 5 mountain in front of my position. So, i search wide tea garden with 5 mountain in the map. And- i still cant found it-_-. To many tea garden and 5 mountain here (map)! I'm confused. So, i asked my senior about my position. They dint tell us the specific area. They just gave us the clue about this area. And you know what? We took few hours to guess our position. Nah, after that few tired hors for thinking, finally we found it! Ah! I'm so happy! Finally i can found our position! After we found it, we explained our position to my senior. Explain how we got it and why we are here, why we can found the mountain.
I think its over.
But its not. We must search our time position. It can be count by mathematical theory. Hm, but if you're can use you logical brain, you can count it by yourself. Well- its not hard as to found our position. We can finish it less than 1 hour. And we must explain it again to our senior.
Its over! Please its over!
But not(T ^ T)
The senior gave us another question. They told to us to search the position from time position. Hmmm, we just should count it again with same mathematical theory. And explain again- i wish its over- but not-
Why? Its still the 3rd day. But why i'm so tired? And i wanna its over soon.
Forget it, continue my story.
Nah, after that we must did a 'Plotting'. You know what plotting is? Plotiilng is seach a way to the different area from map. So, we search it from map. But its little hard because the map was wet with rain water. But finally we can made the way.
After that, we must go to another position from our plotting. We just see the way in map and follow it by own self. So, we packed our navigation tools and prepare ourself to go. But before we went, the senior give us a punishment. Punishment because we cant finish the navigation at the time. After got that Punishment, we went to the next place.
...walk again- plus that was raining when we walk. But i'm so glad when raining. Well, it can make my 'tired' become 'not too tired' hehe. But still tired because we went to wrong direction before. So, we must back and start our journey from the wrong way- (hard to explain. Sorry if not understand). Hhh! We must up again up up and up and turn right and walk and walk again. Long walk. In the middle of our journey, we confused. We afraid if we went to wrong direction again. But finally we reach at the place. Yah we're the last- but its okay. More important we has arrived.
When we reach the place, the senior told to us to build small place for eat. EAATTT oh my- i hate it(T ^ T) plus now was raining. It'll be wet. Ah i dont want to talk about this. As a usuall, the senior gave us 1 hour for finish cook, ear, packing. And as usuall too. We got a punishment because we cant finish it at the time.
After the punishment, we must made a line again. And then the senior told to me to take my navigation tool. And i took it. Senior asked me where we are now. When i answered it, the senior give us time area again, and we must search it and Plotting again. Oh, we must count it again and go to the destination place. When rain at the forest. In our left or right were full by plant.
Finally we reach the place. Nah we'll stay here until tomorrow. And as usuall. We must built bifak and fire. Wait, from now, i will say 'bifak and fire' to shelter.
Nah, we built it. But we must finish it in 45 minutes. Wow, we moved quickly. Now i made the bifak, and my friend who search woods for fire. Well, when we made it, we make a mistake the bifak was too small. So, we must start it again from the beginning. OH- and we mist built parit around our bifak. Why? Now was raining. We must built the parit for raining water.
Well, we late again and we gor the punishment. After the punishment, we dd the night regularly. As usuall, i shouldn't tell it right? We cant out from punishment and stress.

After did that eat, we must sleep. before slept we must change our shirt to sleep equipments and check healthy. And sleep.

Day 4 (28 December 2015) :
Fourth day. 
The horn sound made me surprise. I hate itttttt!!!!! That horn sound!! Seniors shouted to us to wake up. With absurd brain, we get out from our bifak quickly and- we heard the horn sound again 2x. Seniors change their word to "go! Go to the sound!". With panic, we search our sandals. We were running to the sound and make a line.
Brr! Its cold!
The senior told to us again to packed all of our equipments, change our cloth to flannel shirt, use the shoes, and back to the senior in FEW minutes. After heard that order, we were running to our bifak and pack our equipments quickly. I dint care if my equipments dont sort in my carrier. 1 sentence in my brain was : "i must at the time!"
When i still trying to pack- i heard horn sound again 2x. The seniors shouted to us again for go, and left all of our work. And we left it. When we gather and make a line, the senior asked us again "why you cant finish our order?" We cant answer that. The seniors behind us shouted to answer the question. But we cant. We still close our mouth. And finally my friend who answer it. Seems the senior didn't like the answer. So, he gave us the punishment again. After that, he told to us to finish our work. And we did it. With fast and panic power, we can made it. Well- we still got the 'count of late' sih. But, i'm grateful that i can close ny carrier. My carrier was little hard to close you know?
Hhh, but same. We got punishment again because our late. And then after pray, they told to us to change our flannel to white cloth. We'll run around our place for sport. Okay, we were running in there. 
 After sport, they told to us to change our white cloth again with flannel again. And we do morning regularly. Well- i shouldn't explain it okay?
After morning regularly and punishment, we checked our equipments. I'm so grateful that i didn't lose any equipment. I didn't wanna get punishment ofcourse. It was so tired. After checked our punishment, we walk again. Long trip. Long walk and sing. As usual, it so tired. SO Tired. Plus i'm corious. Where will we go?
Nah, skip that long walk. I shouldn't explain it.
Nah finally, we arrived in destination place. Hmmm it full with tree and unknown plant.  
In front of us, we just can saw tree without street. We just can saw 4 small street. Ya- you can imagine what forest like.
Nah, and then the senior asked us "what is the meaning of close navigation?"
Close navigation is how to navigate ourself in place like this. I mean- look, just trees and plant around us. How is we lost here? In place like this? Place without street and full of trees?
After that, the senior asked us again "how to do it?"
How to do it? Wait, i've heard about close navigation before. But i dont remember it. I just remember the meaning of close navigation. And, no one of my friend who answer it. But finally, one of my friend answer it. Hmm i think the senior didn't satisfied with her answer. So, he asked us one by one. Uh, i'm confused! How can i answer it. I didn't know anything. But if i'm not answer, he'll mad to me. So, i answer the question like others (hehe :D) i didn't have any choices.
I think all of our answer were wrong. So, he explained it.
So, close navigation have 3 position. From the first position, penerabas ( i dont know what in english) ,compassman, and liners. Penerabas is a human who get rid of all the plant who deter our way. Compass man is a human who lock the angle, and command penerabas to walk straight the angle. Ang the last, liners is a human who use rafia rope and band the rope in tree and plant long of our way.
Nah, so they split us to 3 groups. Nah, in my group, i became liners. So, i used rafia rope. My friend who became penerabas use golok to do his job. And my friend who became compassman use her compass. But when she would use her compass, the compass is broke up. Nah, we were panick. Because the senior told to us to move quickly. So, i beg her to took my compass in my bag. But my compass was little dewy- But she said its okay, she still can see the angle. Nah, because it was hard to put her compass in her bag, i put it in my pocket. After that, our seniors told to us to follow them.
We arrived in one place that full with plants in front us. I cant see a way except our way to here. Nah, the senior told to us to make a line like 'close navigation' position. First penerabas, and compassman, and liners (me). The senior told to compassman to lock the position in 230 degrees. And then she locked it. Nah, the senior ordered us to move straight to 230 degrees. So, we moved.
My friend who became penerabas use his golok to cut all plants in our way. But the plants were hard to cut! The plants were like- sulur or thorny plants. ofcourse its hard right? But the seniors would mad if he didnt cut the plant. "Dont choose your way penerabas! go straight! straight!". That word- i always heard that along our journey. Not just penerabas. Compassman too. If penerabas strayed of from 230 degress. EVEN if it just 1 degrees, the seniors would said "Why penerabas can straye from his way? Cant you command? Do it without any mistakes compassman!". My friend just can nod. Why- it just 1 degrees. it was little hard to make way straight. STRAIGHT. without any mistakes. Without little mistakes. We were really really must make straight way. Even, when we has gone far enough but the seniors realize it if we strayed from the angle, The seniors would call the compassman and asked "where will you go? check your compass!". When we realized we go to wrong way, they told us to start it again from few meters behind us-_-
But ya, seriously when i'm in there i think its okay if we little stray from our way. More important, we just shoud move to 230 degress right? even if we wrong, for example, we go to 225 degrees, when we realize it we change our way to 230 degrees again right? and we can still reach the place. The different just we dont make straight way-_-
Nah, this was my job to mark our way with rafia rope. i banded rafia in tree and plant. I thought ya, my job was easy. But it wasnt. The senior called me, and ask me "where is your rafia?" so, i showed it. But we cant see it because many plants who distracting us.He stare at me and said " take them! and mark it in another place who strong and visible!" So, i moved quickly and remove the rafia. But when i wanna release it, it was little hard. Because i bended it too hard plus they shout to me to fast. So, i'm panicked. And i dint realize it when i let 1 rafia fall. When i gathered with my group. The senior gave me punishment because i drop that rafia. So, i did that punishment. It was my false to let it fall. But- i'm panicked!-__-
After that, the senior told to me and my friend who become compassman to change our position. So, i became compassman and my friend become liners. Well- i was little afraid if i become compassman. But i must do it. Honestly, i was afraid, but i wanna try it. But i dont want if the seniors mad to me-_- Yah, you know that feel-
So, i tried my best when i become compassman. I did it serious and carefully. I didnt want to hear their shout and word of mad. I'm so grateful that they didnt mad at me. But sometimes they called me to check the direction.
Rain has falled
We used our ponco. But it was little hard to moving with ponco right? plus we were in the jungle. Our ponco can be stuck in plants. And then you know what? My compass become dewy than before. So DEWY. even i couldnt see the angle!  If this happen, how could i command penerabas?The seniors behind me shout to me. "Why you didnt move heh compassman!?!?!". Im not answer. I still tried to see the angle. My friend who become liners asked me why. And i answered her. The senior come to me too and asked. When the senior saw my compass, he tell to me to change the compass. But it was hard to take another compass right? It was raining. Then, i remembered that i still save my friend's compass. But i was broken- Ah i dont care. I still could see the angle. The different was i cant use the lup to enlarge the angle.But i could see it with hard effort. Nah, start from here. I feel dizzy beacause i should see the small number of angle. I shouldnt make any mistakes! I'm always change the compass with mine and my friend. If i used mine, it was dewy. My friend? it was broke up. AHHH, what should i do!? The senior shout at me to fast but- but i cant!
After few hours or few minutes? i dont know, they called me. So, i came to the seniors. They asked me. "shoot penerabas, and see. Is he in 230 degrees?" So, i tried it. I shoot my friend and look in what angle is he? And- oh my- he at 225,5 degrees! IT WAS DIFFERENT OH NO. I'm panicked! The senior didnt show any expression. He just said "okay come back.". "come back" mean we must back to place where we start. We just should  followed way that made by penerabas. And we must took all rafia mark that banded by liners. Walk. walk. walk. And they stopped us. They called penerabas and ask "why you still doubt to cut all plants?". He cant answer it. I know he tried his best to cut all. The senior glare at hi and gave him punishment. After penerabas did the punisment, the senior told to us to continue the journey. Walk. walk. walk. They stopped us again. Now, me who called by them. They said "why you still command wrong direction to your friend? I'll never forgive you even it just 1 degrees!" So, i got punishment- and then we walk again. walk. walk. walk. They stopped us AGAIN. oh- whyyyyy!? They called the liners. they asked my friend "where is your mark? i cant see it. And you still put your mark in weak plants! Even i told you that youmust search strong plant?". Its hard to search strong plants! ( i think). But at the end, my friend got puishment. After that, we walk again. Finally, we arrived in our departure place.
There, we must made a line. The senior asked us again "are you sure you didnt left anything in your way?" Silent. We dont know what to answer. When we answered "yes" they say "really?". That made us doubt. So we answered "no" with small voices. He glared at us and said "position 1". OKAY, he gave us punishment again.
After that, he told to us to follow him. So, we followed him to another place. In there, we can saw our friends and he order to us to join them. When we join them, the senior said "i still upset. No one of you all reach the place. Plus, you still choose your way. For your mistakes, position 1" okee, fine. They gave us punishment again. But Seriously, i think we can reach the place IF the seniors forgive or direction mistakes. Nah, and then we did afternoon regularly (i shouldn't explain it)
After afternoon regularly we did that again. That long walking. I didnt like if i walking when raining. Because i should use ponco. If i used ponco, it make my move slowly. Plus it can be stuck in brances or in horn plants maybe. My bag would wet too. That made my bag more heavy than before. AND the street would be muddy. If that happen, our shoes would be muddy too. It made our shoes more heavy too than before. Our shoes was ceko-_- ahh i hate it seriously. Well forget it. I'm too tired with this walking. Oh! And you know what? When we were really really tired, we should walk in a street who was leaning almost 50 degrees. Ow! It was too hard for us- the street was muddy and- slip. We could fall anytime. Well its okay for me or my friends. But- we brought our carrier!-_- it made us heavy and should walk slowly. But i'm little happy, because i could see seniors seniors down. I thought it will be our rest place.
Finally, we arrived down. The senior told to us to make a line. And asked "anyone here who wanna explain about shelter?" Nah! I'm happy! Because if the senior asked like that, it would be our rest place! Yeaay~
But wait, i saw another senior whispered to him. Then he said "sing". Okay, we sang the song while the senior talk to another seniors. After few minutes, we heard word "stop". So, we stopped it. The senior stand up in front of us again. Now, he brought his carrier. And he said "follow me"
WHAATTTT WHERE WILL WE GO? We didn't stay at here!?! And you know what? We must walk up in the street that has leaning 50 degrees-_- Seriously, just for down, we were really really tired. And now, we must go up? It would be more tired than before! Listen our carrier made our back hurt! When we go up, if we didn't want our back hurt, we should 'tegak'. If we didn't, it would be really really hurt. But if we 'tegak' it was too heavy because of gravity! Ahhhh! But ya, if that wasn't our rest place, so for what? I mean- why we should go down if at the end we should up again? Ahhh its so- ah stop it! It was useless if i complaining in my mind. That i must do now was- follow him and hope the place wasn't too far from our place now. I'm so tired. No, i want to took off my carrier from my back. It was hurt.
After few minutes walking, finally we arrived. Hmmm, the place was similar with our place before- but i know it was different. Ya- place in forest almost similar right? Here, we nust made a line again. And the senior asked us again "anyone here can explain about shelter?" Nah, my friend who explain it. I thanked to him. Bacause we shouldn't hear another seniors shout. Like "Answer it!" Or "didnt you listen it? He ased to you all!" Yah- something like that. And finally the senior told to us to built our shelter in 45 minutes. YESSS FINALLY RESSTT.
In my group, i'm the one who made fire again. But it was hard-_- all the woods and brances were wet because rain. So, i must used golok to slit it and search the dry part inside it. And i need long lime because it was hard but i still can do it. But hard-_- and- i must made many dry woods for the materials in fire.
And i'm so grateful that my friends almost finish the bifak. Huft, i think they all wouldn't mad at us. But another group still cant finish it. And finally, we heaed sound of horn 2x. The seniors shout to us to go. But- my group still not finish it. Almost finish. There my senior asked to us "anyone has finish it?" one answer. So, no one has finish it. Ofcourse they mad to us and asked "why?!" Another senior behind us shout to answer. But finally, my friend who answer it. Finally, the senior told to us to finish our shelter in 15 minutes. But before that, they gave us punishment. 
After punishment, we moved quickly to our shelter and tried to finish it. But in my group, the senior told to us to left 1 person here, and let 2 again to help another group. So, me and my friend moved quickly to help another group. In a group who helped by me, i help them by instal (?) Pasak. But it was hard because the earth too hard. I tried my best to help them. Well, i hope i can help them even it just small help. 15 minutes has passed. We heaed horn (2x) the senior shout to us to go. So, we were running to the sound. There, they asked us again "anyone finish it?" No one answer. The seniors shout to us to answer. But we were not answer it. Anf finally my friend said "No". The senior shout "WHY?! UNTIL WHEN!? Answer me?! How many time you need?!" No one answer. And finally the senior told to our leader "leader, choose 4 peoples to finish it." Nah, i'm the one of from 4 people. The senior shout to us "finish it!" We were running to another bifak who still not finish. When we were running we heard "position 1!"
They gave our friends punishment until we finish it. We panicked. We didn't want if our friend get the punishment. So we finish it as fast we can. After few minutes we finish it and join our friends. When we join, the senior told to our friends to finish it. Hmm i'm forgot after that, is the senior gave us punishment again? Forgot.
More imported, after that, we did night regularly, change our flannel to cloth, healthy check and sleep. Hhh, it was a tired day. I'm almost forget what date today. Even ya, i'm almost forget if i has real family like father and mother. I'm almost forget if this world has technology. Why- here, we almost forget everything. Well- forget it. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

Day 5 (30 december 2015) :
Loudly horn 1x made us wake up. When we opened our eyes, we can hear the seniors shout. "WAKE UP WAKE UP!" While the seniors shout, we heard horn again 2x. "GO GO GO GO!" We search our sandals quickly. If we didn't quick, they would punish us. But- it still dark. Wait, dark? Why? And why we can saw many headlamp around us. Thats mean the seniors has increased. But i didn't think like that when i'm in there. I just thought 'go to the sound, fast!'
Me and my friends were running to the sound. We ignored the seniors shout ofc. When we arrived, we made a line there. Brr, its so cold!! 
Nah, the senior said : "Now, you all get a trouble. Its disaster. If you dont want to die, you must fast. So, change your cloth to flannel, full pack in 5/10 minutes (?) You all must here again. Go!"
We were running quickly after hear that. The seniors around us shout "fast! Fast!"-_- we moved fast. Me and my friends change our cloth and pack quickly. Oh no! My bag was overload! I cant close it. But thanks to my senior. She helped me and say "fast!". I'm running to the place after that. I still can heard all my seniors shout. After we gather round, (me and my friends) we made a line quickly.
All of our seniors silent. The senior in front of us glare to us one by one and said. "Why!? You still slow! What day is it!? How if when you in disaster and you still slow!? You would die!!"
After few seconds of that word, we heard sounds of something. Something has exploded. Exploded? And sounds like bomb. It not too far from us. After heard that the seniors hold our hand (1 senior 1 people) and said "runnn!!" They pulled us to run. We still heard another senior shout that told to us tp running. But it still dark- i cant see anything. So i took my light in my pocked and turn on it. Beside me, the senior still pulled me and still said. "fast fast!" "Be careful!" "Focus focus!" Yup. But i didnt plaesant with my carrier-_-. It was loose. Imagine if you brought something heavy in your bag, but it was loose and you were running. Huf, we were running to long. Ya, i cant see the way clearly. But i know we run up. I can feel it. After few minutes running, we heard something Explode again. The senior scream "RUN! FAST FAST!" So we run. And finally we arrived in one place. There we should- er i dont know what in english. But in Indonesian, i'll say 'jalan jongkok' dan 'merangkak'. Whattt it still dark! And- We used carrier! Ya- but its okay. We didn't have any choices. It was heavy but i must do it! When we did that, we still can hear our seniors shout "fast!" After few minutes, we heard sound of horn 2x. It was mean- the seniors shout again "stand up! Run run!" We stand up quickly and then running to the sound. There we made a line.
No one speak.
"I still upset. No one of you who moved fast. You still slow. For that, position 2!"
Punishment- again- ahhh! I was tired! I dont care about anything again! After that he toldd to us to take off our carrier, close it with ponco and change our flannel to white cloth in 10 SECONDS. What- why- it to fast! But we must do it! So i change my flannel while the senior count the time. All seniors around us shout to us to fast to. We still not finish it- but we heard count of late. We panicked and tried to fast. After that, we make a line in front of the senior. But seems senior still not satisfied with our effort. So, he punish us with same count like our count of late. After that, we should chabge our cloth to flannel and use carrier. In 10 seconds again- ah whatever! I dont care seriously-_-.
After that tired punishment we- errr. Sorry, i'm lazy to write it. It too long and it hard to translate in english. More important, after that, the senior told to us to sleep again under the tree together.
The senior woke up us by sound of horn again- 1x. With reflec, we stand up. But- we didn't see many seniors. Just few of senior. And it was quiet. Ya, its okay. After we woke up, the senior order us to pray, change our flannel to white cloth and make a line. So, we pray and change our flannel. Then, made a line. The senior told to us to running around the place. Sport. We still sleepy but we did that. After sport, we changed our cloth to flannel again. Then, morning regularly. And- the time- i'm so grateful! The senior gave us 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish it! Ahhh i'm so happy! I can eat calm! Finally after few days-♪ 
After that we made a line again. And the senior said it "thanks, you all did it at the time. I hope you all never late again. Now, you has entered survival condition. So, this is your last day to eat with delicious food. From now, you must search the ingredients in here, the forest." Okay. So now we entered survival condition. We must strong because the nutrition that we will got for energy will not good as before. After that, we checked our equipments. Then we did that. Long journey.
Oh, i forgot to tell you. The thing that i hate in long journey. Almost everyday we walk in the same place. 
Erhm, after long walk, we arrived in same place like yesterday. The place that we did close navigation. But ofc, now we weren't do close navigation. Now was survival. So, the senior told to us the food that we can get in the forest. And ofc the food were dont poisoning for us. Many kind of food that we can get here. For example, 'begonia'. We can eat it trunk. And you know? Begonia was the best food. The taste like- apple. It was a long time since we eat apple- it so delicious! Not just begonia that we can eat. We can eat honje too. We can took the- (i dont know what in english) tunas. But ofc we cant eat it without any process. We must boil it 3 times. Then, we can eat pakis haji too. It same. We must boil it 3 times. Then, the trunk of banana's tree. We csn eat it. But we must boil it too 3 times. And the last, we can eat paku tiang. We can eat the trunk. But we must boil it 4 times. Nah, why We should boil it? becsuse we must clear all the sap of the tree that we would eat. After know all the plants that we can eat, we must search the plants. So, we split in 3 groups. We'll search it around this place. There are many begonia around us. So we took them all because it was delicious. Then, we search another plants. We found pakis haji, banana's trunk, paku tiang but we cant find honje-_- its hard. We must search big honje not small honje. Because tunas just could grow up in big honje. Nah, there were many honje around us, but it were small honje-_- nott big honje. So we search in another place just for honje. We were curious to get honje. After few hours search. The senior told to me and my friend to search something for nutrition like- worm. She told to us to search it in rotted wood or- earth. Oh, it can be in muddy too. So, me and friend put all of food that we got beside our bag. Then, search the rotted wood. And finally we found it! It was a big rotted wood. And we search it. Hmm, it was hard because we couldnt find it. Well- ofc this is animal. It can moved when we search it. But after few minutes or_ i think more than few. We found it! I didn't know why but i'm very happy! Yeay finally we find it!!  
After few hours search it- we can find err 3/5 worms? I forgot. But i think it was enough. Plus the senior told to us to back. Then, we back to our carrier. The worm that we found, we must kept it alive.
Nah, all the food that we got, must enough for 3 days. After that, we did afternoon regularly. Then walked again. Long journey. Long walk. Finally, we arrived in one place that umm, not too big, but we can saw many plants in front of us. Nah, here, we would learning how to make a trap. Ya. If we want to eat animal we must made the trap right? Nah, here we would study how to make it. And we must understand the concept. If we understand the concept, ofc it would be easy. Ya, the concept was easy. But when me and my friends made it- it was hard-_- we tried but we cant. Err, sorry i cant explain this with word. Beacuse you must see it with your own eyes. So, you will understand. But finally we can made it. Ya. We cant finish at the time. So we got punishment.
After trap. We must built shelter. Nah, now the bifak was different. We made bifak by leaf, root, trunk, branches and sulur. Ya, more important, we must made it by natural things. First, we must made it frame by trunk. It like- triangle frame. Nah then, we must band the sulur in the frame. Last, we errrr 'anyam' the big leaf in sulur. Ya- i cant explain it but i hope you can imagine it. Oh for slept, we can put big leaf on it. So, we didn't slept in earth. Nah, the senior gave us 1 hour to finish it. We should built our bifak in the place that full of plant. So we search it. After found it, we split up. We devide our job. Nah, i was dearch the big leaf for the roof. I search anything that big. Like banana's leaf or big pakis or- ya i dont know what again. "Big leaf" ya. That was a word in my mind. And i must fast. It just- 1 hour. When i thought it was enough, i made the fire. Because bifak should have fire. I search the branches for made it. I must search it. 1 hour has passed. We heard sound of horn 2x. Wait, we Havent finish it! But we must go. So we were running to the sound. Like usual, we made a line. And the senior asked us "why you didn't finish your work?" Silent. No one of us answer. The seniors shout at us to answer it. Finally, my friend answer it. But the senior didn't satisfied for my friend answer. And- as usual, he gave us punishment again. We did the punishment. After that, he gave us 15/ 30 minutes (?) Forgot. To finish it. So, we moved quickly.
Ya- it almost dark. So, we must fast to finish it. Me too, i search big leaf again. Because the senior said not enough. I seach it fastly, then i helped my friend to build the bifak. I'm 'menganyam' bifak carefully. It was raining season. I'm afraid if the bifak fall because of rain.
And finally we finish it. Ya- it wasn't at the time but- finish. We got punishment again because we cant finish it. 
After that, we did night regularly, change our flannel to cloth and slept.
Before i slept, i heard sound of motorcycle. Ah- motorcycle, i forgot if we have motorcycle in this world. I just remember forest and equipments that we brought for pendas. And i remember my friends here. Seriously, i wanna go home when i heard that. But forget it. I must slept.

Day 6 ( 31 december 2015 ) :
We heard sound of horn that woke up us. Shout of the senior entered our ears. We must moved quickly. Because i'm sure, no long after this i would hear sound of hon again 2x. And i'm right we heard sound of horn 2x. We must go to the sound. We were running. But it was little hard. Beacuse many plants around us. And- to went to the sound, we must go down. We still sleepy, so we were not too focus to run down. But we must did it. Brr, it was cold here.
After we make a line, as usual, we must pack all of our equipments and use flannel. In- 5 minutes? I forgot. More important, we got punishment again now. After the punishment, we should change our flannel to cloth again to sport. After sport we did morning regularly, checking materials, and long journey.
Ummm, well i shouldn't explain it right? It was like an usual.
Nah, finally we arrived in one place that- err similar with our rest place tonight. On front of us, we could see up way that full with tree and plants. But it was different. The senior told to us to make a a line. Then, he said. "Now, we'll do evacuation and the first help of disaster. Now up there (point the up way that full with plants) humans are waiting for your help. Now discuss it with your friends who will become the leader, penerabas and compassman."
We were silent. We were confused. Now, we were in evacuation. But, why we need compassman and penerabas? This wasn't close navigation right? Why we need that? The seniors behind us shout to us to fast. And finally our leader made a decision. I was become the penerabas, and three of my friends become compassman. 1 of my friend become the leader. 4 people again same with me. Became penerabas. The senior told to compassman to lock ik 90 degrees. After that, the seniors shouted at us. "Fastt! Move now! Move!"
Move? To where? Up? We were confused. If we just should go to up, why we need compassman? So, we were running to there. But after a few step , all the seniors scream "Why you all didn't move together?! Leader! Why you didn't command anything?"
We Stopped. What the mean of- that. Together? Whaat? With angry face the senior said. "I SAID TOGETHER. Even if just 1 step, you must together! You must make a straight line. Understand?! I dont wanna know how you do it. Its up to you!"
Whaaaaattt, we must move together and make the straight line? It was really really TOGETHER. Oh i forgot to tell you. Our distance must same too. When we walk 1 step, it must same- ITS HARD.
More important, we must do it. So, the first thing that we do were making same distance. The distance between us was an arm (i dont know what in english). Then, the leader behind us gave the command. She told to us to walk 1 step. So, we did that, but the seniors shout that our distance still different. And we didn't make straight line. So, we moved quickly and fix our position. After few seconds, they shout to us to quick. Our leader ordered us to walk again fastly. Nah, we start tot enter the area who full with plants. Nah, i who became penerabas, should cut all the plants in my way. AND, i shouldn't choose our way-_- must straight 90 degrees.
And you know? Every step that we made, all of the seniors shout to us. Why? Because our distance (every step) always change- Ofcourse!-_- we need a process. And- the process wasn't fast. Our way were different. How if- a plant or some plants in my way? I should cut it right? Nah, it need a process. And, we must help each other. It not fast-_-. And you know what? When we walk half of our way, we heard sound of horn- 2x.
Whaaaa-t we shoud back! All the senior shout to us to back. Then, we run quickly to the sound. Well- it was haed because we must running down and plants in our way. Ah, i could guess it. They would mad to us because we still slow. After we arrived and make a line, they asked to us. "How long for you to walk? Your victim are up there! They would die! They need your help! And you still slow?! How if they die?! They will die if you dont fast! For your big mistake position 1!" Ya, they gave us punishment again. And- this punishment were tired. After punishment they ordered us to change the leader. So, we changed it. Seems, now the leader know how to make us move fast. So, we can move faster than before. Ya- the seniors still shout at us- but ignore them. We must move quickly.
Ya- after few hours finally we arrived. Up there, we must made a line again. After that, the senior told to us to split in to 2 groups. 5 and 4. Then, we must choosed 1 victim from each group. NAH, i became victim._. So, i should lay down, then my arm was break. I should wait until my friends help me. That were what should i do. Nah my friends, must help me. 1 people must band my arm, with webbing. And 2 peoples again must seach 2 woods for making tandu. Oh they need webbing too for making tandu.
Nah, they gave us 1 hour to finish all the job. Then, it start. My friend who bandaged my arm, must speak with me. Because if she didn't speak with me, i wouldn't still aware. If i didn't aware, she wouldn't know my hurt part. It was dangerous right? Oh, she must search 2 woods who have same long as my arm. And, she must connect my joints with that woods then, spin my break part with webbing. So, i cant make any moved. I cant moved my break part.
My friend still made conservation with me while two of my friends made the tandu. After they finish it, they must brought (?) Me to the one place that the seniors. Want. And my friend who bandaged me, she must bring my carrier. Oh my- my carrier was heavy and she must bought it? So, she bought 2 carrier? Ow- she is strong:(
...i cant explain the process to the place. More important, it was perfect moment for us. Ya- all of my friends can sense it. Sorry, i sant explain how is it~
After we arrived, we did afternoon regularly. Then we did it again- long journey. 
Unfortunately, we went to our last night place we would take a rest in the same place.
After we arrived, we should check our trap that we made it yesterday. But we got nothing. It was okay. Because i think, not many animal here. The seniors think so. More important, we understand the concept, and can make it.
After checked, the senior order us to fixing our last night bifak. We would use same bifak for this night. But it was little destroyed by rain. We must finish it in 1 hour. So, one of my friend search the big leaf, one my friend was repairing the bifak, and me made the fire.
But all the woods and branches were wet by rain. So i must slice it with golok again. But i made a fire with candle, then made the square wood around the candle. And then i put some branches up the fire, and some too around it while i slice another woods. I hope it can dry the branches. So, i can made it quickly. And- finally, i can made it! The fire was on! I should add some branches to keep it on!
But you know what?
It was raining.
My fire was die. But i add fire with candle quickly. Hope i can make big fire like before. Then, i took 1 big leaf to protect my fire from rain. And thanks! The seniors help me to kept my fire on. So, i just should slice the woods so search the dry part. I almost finish it!
But i heard sound of horn 2x. That was mean we should go to that sound. We were running to that sound and made a line. Then we got punishment because we csnt finish it at the time. So, the senior gave us 30 minutes again to finish it. So we finish it. Well- at the end we still got the punishment.
After that, we did night regularly, change our clothes and sleep. I'm so tired. Before i sleep, i thought what we will do tomorrow. All the lesson that we got, we has practice it. So what would we do tomorrow? I hope we can go home. But we still have 2 days- well. Ignore it. I can heard sound of fireworks. Oh ya, i remember, now was the new year. I thought everyone have a party with it.

Day 7 (1 January 2016) :
We heard sound of horn again 1x. We heard our seniors shout. No long after that, we heard song of horn again 2x. We were running when we hear that. We run down and made a line. Brr, its cold. The senior told to us to packed all of our equipments in few minutes and back to here. After we heard that order, we were running to our place and packed all of our equipments quickly. Nah, i finish it at the time. But- when i want use my carrier-
I heard sound of horn 2x. We were running again and left my carrier behind.
When we arrived, i can see my friends has brought their carrier. Just few from us who still not brought the carrier. Seems, the senior didn't forgive us. So, he punish all of our friends who has finish while we finish our work. So, me and my friends run to our bifak. I weared it quickly. And back to all my friends. Nah, i did the punishment with all my friends. Because there was my friend who still not finish.
It was the tired morning. Aftee that, we pray and did the sport. The sport was made us tired too+_+ after that, we did morning regularly, check our equipments, then long journey again. We walk until afternoon, then did the afternoon regularly, then- check our equipments. Wait, check? Again? Why? And the seniors told to us to wear dry flannel,socks, and pdl. Hmm, i have no idea why. But after that, i know why.
We did long journey again. Long. LOng. LONg. LONG journey! It was the longest journey that we did! I thought my foot would break! Seriously. I feel dizzy too. I didn't know how long we walk. We just took a rest at 6 o'clock (i think) and- i didn't know the clocck. But i think up 10 PM- oh my we were so tired. I never feel tired as this before. When i sit, i can feel my foot. It were hurt. My back too. I brought wet carrier, so it more heavy than before.
Well i didn't have long story this day. Because we just walking.
At the night- (but i think it was morning.) We slept and take a rest. Seriously. I didn't want to do anything tomorrow. I hope we didn't did something like this again. I'm so tired. I just want to go home.

Day 8 (2 January 2016) :
We heard sound of horn 1x. That woke up us. Wait- i thought i slept just for few minutes i still sleepy. Then, we heard sound of horn 2x. We must gater round i can see many seniors around us. And they used headlamp. The senior told to us to pray. After that, we should gather round again.
Nah, i has bad feel. Why there was so many seniors around us- what would we do-
The senior told to us to band our shoes again. And when i want to band it-
I heard sound of horn 2x. But where is it? I cant see it. It still dark. I can heaed sound of count down after that horn. All the senior shout to us. When we arrived there, we get the punishment because we late. But while we did the punishment- we heaed sound of horn again- we were running again. The seniors shout, scream to us to go. But it far- and the senior count us again. Wait- Seriously? We did it same thing again. What times- i forgot. More important, we should run, did the order, punishment and- ya something like that. And you know what? When i 'merangkak', i can feel something weird in my back. You know what? My carrier rope was broke.
I'm panick. But i cant panick. I'm too tired for panick. I just follow the seniors command. I tried my best. It was hard. Really really hard. It was the hardest. At the end, we should stand up together.(i cant explain it) When we stood up, the senior told to us to band our shoes. When we want bandage it-
We can see fire. All of our seniors made a square behind us. In our right, there were our parents. our parents here.
This was-
Final ceremony. The senior read the paper.
We all cried. We were surprising. I- i never thought that we would get blue scraft like this- we were happy. We were so happy until we cry. After that, we met our parents. (But i'm not met them here, i met them at the school.)
After the ceremony, we took a bath then go home. Believe me? I cant walk after pendas.
But i love it. Seriously i love it. But i don't wanna do it again.

Well- thats all my story.
I'm tired now-_-. I type it from Wednesday, and i just finish it now. But i did it all days. And i lost this data 3 times-_- so i must start it again.
Sorry for my late posting!
Okay, i'm tired of typing, thanks for visiting my blog! And sorry if i had mistake in my word or grammar (i dont wanna check it again, i'm to lazy for read)
Bye bye!( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰

Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

Place Around the World

Hi all! :3

Today, i got a task from my teacher. The task is to  post an interesting place aound the world. Hehe, before that we should finish our post 'My Last Holiday' but i'm to tired for typing and thinking-_- It'll be long story because many story that i cant forget (but i wanna forget it) in my holiday. So, i think for refreshing i should finish this task. Hm- what place ya. Famous place, but what?
In my first post. 'All About Myself' I have told to you that i love Japanese cartoon (anime) named One Piece right? Nah, now i wanna tell you about One Piece place.

One Piece museum. If you're One Piece fans, i'm sure you wanna go to this place. Imagine it, you can see One Piece characters, room, ship, or anything about One Piece in the real world! I'm sure you wanna go to there. This place opened in 13-03-2015 in Japan, Tokyo.

When you enter the museum, you can see the picture and One Piece. And you can take your photo with One Piece character (Luffy and Chopper) there.

At the entrance corridor, you can see"The Cave of Memories," manga panels are projected on the walls. When walked by or touched, various things will occur, including the color of Nami's tears or the sky behind Usopp changing to blue, Chopper's sakura changing to pink and Robin's Flower-Flower powers being shown in shadows on the floor.

At Chopper's Sunny Thousand Tours, Chopper shows guests around the pirate ship. Locations include the kitchen, Nami's bedroom, and Chopper's workspace.

Nah, there are the room. All of the ship's room showed here. But i just can find 2 room picture.-.v There are kicthen and bedroom.

Nah, if a telescope in Japan is for look the view of city, here when you take a look into the telescope, and Vivi and Carue are looking back.

 In Luffy's Endless Adventure, you can relive moments from the manga and anime. Some of the more extreme rooms include fun-house mirror mazes, as well as a hallway with spinning fire projected on   the wall, making guests lose their sense of balance. 

Not just that, there are some games to here. Like Franky's game. Using the pinball-like machine, players who get the ball in the right slot can receive a rare figure. Rare figure!
And then, we can see Nami's casino house. Seems, we play a game and we win, we'll get the card for use.

 Robin's Poneglyph Searching game allows guests to rent out Transponder Snails (Den Den Mushi) in order to find Poneglyph clues around the park and solve a mystery.

 Brook's horror house has various guests, including Perona and Victoria. Don't let your guard down, though. One of the goals in the house is to use a "salt ball" (actually made of foam) to defeat a zombie enemy.
At Usopp's shooting range, "Road to Sogeking," fans can become the legendary Sogeking and shoot at targets from the Marines. Winners receive a Sogeking mask.
During Zoro's game, guests can help the swordsman fight off a maritime marine attack. 
The separate gift shop outside of the park has even more goods. The wall is also painted with the history of the One Piece story. Many things that we can buy there. They're gummies, clothes, doll, figures, handscraft, wanted poster and many more! all about One Piece!
look at this! Even it has Sanji's restaurant. Guests can order food from a menu, but a buffet option is also available.

Nah, if you're hungry, you can visit the separate Straw Hat Restaurant is also available to eat at. The food has a similar meaning of One Piece too. Like Chopper's cotton candy, Nami's orange, Brook's pasta, and everything!
Nah, thats all that i know about One Piece museum in Japan. So, how is this? wanna visit this place? :3
Me, i want to visit this place. I'm One Piece fans, so i want to visit it. But I cant ofcourse. I can go to there by see the pictures XD
Okayy, thats all. So, i wanna take a rest now. I'll post my task about "My Last Holiday" later!
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